Wig Making Class - Live Online Webinar
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Wig Making Class - Live Online Webinar

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Are you ready to start your own wig-making business?

Want to learn how to make your own wigs?

Then join 20 Year Veteran Hairstylist and Wig Designer, Stormy Ramsey, for a one-day training.

Wig Making Class - Live Online Webinar 
Sewing Machine Method

In this Live Online Webinar, you will learn how to construct a lace wig from start to finish. You will leave this class with a complete project that you can sell immediately or wear for your self. If you are new to sewing we offer access to a third-party company that offers Free Online Sewing Class.  

During this class, you will create a complete wig unit along with the instructor via our online app. You will learn the fastest and most efficient ways to create a long-lasting wig unit that you can sell for $400 to $500. You will need a laptop, tablet or cell phone with a stand. 

After your purchase, you will receive the information needed to log-on to the application for the live webinar. If you have any questions please email info@stormystlezhair.com or call 240.685.6679

The class will begin at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on your chosen Sunday and held over a 4-6 hour time frame. Each student will leave with a complete product.



Self Made Wig Kit

Please make sure that you order all of your supplies at least 2 weeks before your selected class date. If you are new to sewing you will need to take the Free Online Sewing Class once you purchase your machine prior to attending class.   

 Click on the name of the item to order your supplies. 

1. Brother SM1704 Sewing Machine 17-Stitch Sewing Machine

PLEASE NOTE: This is the machine I use for my classes it is a simple machine and easy to troubleshoot. 

Click on one of the stores below to purchase. 

2. Raw Indian Hair (Straight or Body Wavy)

You'll need: (1) 12" or 14" Closure or longer length if you desire
                    (2) 12" or 14" Bundles or longer length if you desire you'll need 3 packs for up to 18", 20" or longer you'll need 4 bundles. 

3. 22" Canvas Mannequin Head
Please make sure you have a mount for your mannequin head that screws onto the table.)

4. Mannequin Tripod

5. Round Needles & T-pins

6. Thread (Sewing Machine)  

7. Mini Scissors 

8. Ventilated Wig Cap 

9. Clips

10. Measurement Tape 

11. Adjustable Elastic Band 

12. Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker

13. Seam Ripper

14. Hair Weaving Thread

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