Stormy Stylez Wig Making Training Supply List



Self Made Wig Kit
Please make sure that you order all of your supplies at least 2 weeks before your selected class date. 

 Click on the name of the item to order your supplies. 

1. Brother SM1704 Sewing Machine 17-Stitch Sewing Machine

PLEASE NOTE: This is the machine I use for my classes it is a simple machine and easy to troubleshoot. 

Click on one of the stores below to purchase. 

2. Raw Indian Hair (Straight or Body Wavy)

You'll need: (1) 12" or 14" Closure or longer length if you desire
                    (2) 12" or 14" Bundles or longer length if you desire you'll                              need 3 packs for up to 18", 20" or longer you'll need
                    4 bundles. 

3. 22" Canvas Mannequin Head
Please make sure you have a mount for your mannequin head that screws onto the table.)

4. Mannequinn Tripod

5. Needles & T-pins

6. Thread (Sewing Machine) 

7. Mini Scissors 

8. Ventilated Wig Cap 

9. Clips

10. Measurement Tape 

11. Elastic Band 

12. Silver Metallic Sharpie Marker

13. Seam Ripper